The Knob Throw

The knob throw is one of the greatest and simplest tactics you’ll be able to learn throughout your life.  It involves a cane that has a ball end with significant weight.  Once you’ve acquired your cane of choice, it’s time get comfortable with your new defense accessory.  Make sure to constantly use this piece in your day-to-day activities.  It’ll be important to get a good feel of the weight in your hands.  Allow the cane to become as normal as your arm or leg.

The motion you’ll be looking for is a quick whack on your target or an extended power swing.  Keep in mind that the most important idea is to NEVER GET DE-ARMED.  You don’t want your attacker using the cane against you.  Use the motion that is most comfortable to your body.  Some people use a back-hand motion and others use a forward swing.  To gain extra power, try gripping the pole with both hands and doing a baseball swing.

A more advanced motion is called “Over the Top”.  This technique uses one hand on the pole and a vertical down swing instead of the common horizontal movement.  You’re trying to make contact with the top of the attacker’s head.  When a strong enough blow is landed, it can leave the attacker dazed and confused, giving yourself ample time to make your escape.

Remember, always plan your travel routes to avoid precarious areas and try to be accompanied by other people.



Canes used for self-defense

Walking canes can serve many purposes. The most common use – and one that comes to most minds when thinking or uses for a walking cane – and this comes as no surprise, is for increasing mobility. Without a cane, simple activities that are done day to day can become much more strenuous.  Think about having trouble doing activities like walking into a restaurant, going to a grocery store, visiting grandchildren, or going to church.

Another very common use for a cane is to go on a hike or trek . Many people will chose to use a hiking stick or walking pole for those activities. The greatest function for these types of accessories is to take pressure off of joints and muscles. This type of added stability provides a large amount of exercise which will always bolster a person’s health.

Next we’ll talk about a not so obvious purpose.  Self defense is great use for a cane.  It can be seen as a weapon in a lot of situations. The elderly are walking targets for criminals. These individuals of limited mobility provide criminals with an easy escape route, as most villains perceive that not only are these people not going to be able to catch them once they flee, but they will not be able to protect themselves.

To combat this problem, many manufacturers decided to take the appropriate steps to combat this problem. The solution was to turn everyday canes into weapons. The first instance of this was seen
in Ian Flemming’s bond novel Casino Royal, where the villain turned his cane into a 12 gauge shotgun. This is an extreme measure which could cause practical problems if it was too discharge. A more toned down approach proved to be much more useful – the mace cane. This is a walking cane that has a canister of mace built into the handle. This turns the victim on the offensive and can subdue an attacked for long
enough for a bystander to call the police.

Cane Gun

12 Gauge Cane

A controversial cane archetype that was designed for self defense was the electric Cane. This cane had a built in stun gun. By simply flipping a switch, an ordinary walking cane turned into a fully charged stun gun. This has the capabilities to neutralize and attacker, no matter his size. Problems arose from this model, however, as if the safety devices were not in place one was in serious jeopardy to electrocute themselves. This model never caught on in North America, and is now primarily sold today in the middle-east.

The most common type of cane self-defense is the ordinary non-weaponized walking cane.  They have been used to give attackers a good whack, just enough to send the coward running.  They’ve even been used to send debilitating blows that leave the mugger in police custody.  There have also been reports that pedestrians have unarmed muggers that use knives and guns.

While canes are not the first thing that come to mind when thinking of items used for self-defense, it should not be the last. As described above, canes can be modified to stop attackers from harming those who are highly vulnerable and to prevent the loss of valuables.

Antonio Gio

We Protect Ourselves

Self protection should be one of the first things on every person’s mind.  As we grow older, it becomes harder and harder for us to defend ourselves against those cowardly attackers.  A simple walking cane can be what gives us the upper hand from attackers.  Follow our blog as we help people everywhere defend themselves.